Here are a few tips on keeping your chat experience safe and sound:

  • Lets face it, people can be whoever they want on the internet. That said, do not give out any personal information (last names, addresses, phone numbers). You never know who you're talking to or why they want it.
  • Never give out emails, screen names, or personal pages in the main rooms. You don't know who else you could be giving it to aside from who you intended. This includes emails, screen names, and personal pages.
  • We strongly advise all chatters to not meet with other chatters in person. However, we realize this could happen anyway and would like people to be aware of some dangers. If another chatter asks you to meet them in secret, or in a private location, you should be aware this is a BIG RED FLAG! Public meetings with adult family members present would be the safest way to go. Again, we strongly advise all chatters to NOT meet in person. We will not be held liable for anyone choosing to do so!

Enter Teens

Welcome teens! More specifically, 15s to 18s. TeenChat is your room to chat about everything from school to dating to overbearing parents and other issues only your fellow peers can relate to. This room is a clean chat room, so cursing must be kept to a bare minimum, and no sexual content is allowed in the room.

Enter Lobby

Come one, come all to our laid back lobby. Here chatters 15 and up are free to talk about whatever floats your boat, so long as it's clean. Because this room is both teens and adults, we do not allow any sexual content in this room. We also ask that the cursing be kept to a bare minimum. The Lobby is perfect for those who are just looking for a clean and friendly chat.

Enter Trivia

We have a Trivia room and an Uno room for those of you who enjoy a little friendly competition. Do YOU have what it takes to be the Trivia King???

Challenge a friend to Uno, or if you enjoy Uno but don't have anyone to play with, our Uno bot will play you. Follow the commands listed at the top and have fun!!



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Name: Kashin

Age: 19

Birthday: May 08

Location: Florida, USA

About me:
PFC Felia Quinton, who graduated from Parris Island, South Caroline Friday, Jan 22, 2010, is a Marine! When asked what he likes about being a Marine, he stated, I like being a Marine because I know that even though I am a young Marine my fellow brothers and sisters have my back and that we have a great history and great traditions. While at home on leave for ten days after bootcamp, PFC Felia Quinton, or Kashin, as we call him on LaidBackChat, has gone to Bush Gardens and spent time catching up with friends and family. He also got himself a new laptop! Besides building up muscle and an increased sense of pride in the Marine way of life while at bootcamp, Kashin also came in 7th in his platoon on his 3 mile run. His time: 20:24 in 3 miles. Way to go Kashin!!!

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